/  March 01, 2010  -  August 31, 2011


Offshore Renewable Energy Conversion platforms – Coordination Action

Partners    RSE S.p.A., Enel Ingegneria e Innovazone, The University of Edinburgh, Instalaciones Inabensa, ITPower, Technical University of Denmark, University College Cork, Ecofys, Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables, Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia, Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU), Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, Universidad de Oviedo, Lyse Produksjon, North Highland College, Energy Research Center of the Netherlands, Offshore Wave Energy, Wave Energy Centre, Ciaotech (PNO Group), FOBOX AS, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, University of Waterloo, Rina Industry, Distretto Tecnologico Nazionale sull'Energia, Instituto Enerxético de Galicia, European Ocean Energy Ass. (EUOEA), European Wind Energy Ass. (EWEA)   
Funding by European Commission (FP7)
Client European Commission
Duration 1.3.2010 - 31.8.2011
Persons in charge Jochen Bard, Fabian Thalemann
Focus Project lead and -coordination, development of a R&D roadmap, investigations regarding offshore platform technologies and installation infrastructure

The goals of this project are to create a framework for knowledge sharing and to develop a roadmap for research activities in the context of offshore renewable energy in order to facilitate the development of offshore wind, wave- and tidal energy harnessing technologies in Europe.