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Photovoltaic Systems

In outdoor test fields for photovoltaic systems individual modules and complete systems are measured over a long period in accordance with European guidelines for different manufacturers. Kassel is a key reference site for standardized tests offered by DERlab e.V. Europe-wide.

Outdoor Testing of Photovoltaic Modules

Fraunhofer IEE offers outdoor PV module measurement facilities. Assure your performance specifications. Benefit from our scientific background and experience.

German Facility
Our test field is located in the middle of Germany in the immediate vicinity of Kassel. It offers outstanding conditions for an uninterrupted year round measurement operation.

International Facilities
In cooperation with our DERlab partners we are also able to offer worldwide module tests in wide ranging climatic conditions which may be more applicable to your needs. All our measurement campaigns are performed in accordance with the “Technical Guidelines on Long-term Photovoltaic Module Outdoor Tests”.

On-Site Surveys
With our mobile measurement stations we are able to perform measurements at your desired location, allowing the measurement of specific characteristics at relevant periods of time.

Innovative Measurement Engineering

Our measurement techniques for characteristic PV module sizes offer the highest standard in accuracy and reliability with an uncertainty well below one percent. To achieve these results we deploy recognized scientific equipment designed for the measurement of PV modules and which are incrementally improved over many years to suit the requirements of new module technologies.

For the measurement of the module temperature, general meteorological data and solar spectra, we deploy high quality measurement equipment which adheres to even higher standards.

We assure meticulous and professional with state of the art scientific equipment and procedures

Special Analysis

  • Module in worst case scenarios (thermic-isolated)
  • Module in potential induced degradation (PID) outdoor test facility
  • Module in building integrated PV generator field on trial roofs
  • Characterization of the electrical, thermal and mechanical properties
  • Measurement of Balance of System (BOS) components in the test field
  • String and micro-inverters, DC-DC-converters, connection boxes, etc.
  • Special integration by request (i.e. specific orientation, tracked).
  • Infrared and electroluminescence measurement before and during the measurement



Your Benefit

  • 100% certainty of the performance of your PV modules
  • Earlier identification of the optimization potential under real operating conditions
  • Extension of the estimated energy yield at a specific location
  • Review of the operation capability through combined loading in Outdoor field test, which cannot be verified through individual laboratory tests
  • Direct comparison of the energy yield with the reference modules
  • Quality test through optical evaluation (infrared and electroluminescence) at admission control and during the operation time (cyclic)
  • Independent verification for banks, main distributors, and end customers due to a solid scientific partnership


Experience and

  • 20 years of successful partnerships with national and international clients
  • Reference customers: Photowatt, First Solar, ESI, NH/HH-Recycling, BP Solar, Sharp