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Battery Storage

IEE has an extensive infrastructure for parameter determination for the simulation of electrochemical energy storage systems. This includes:

  •     Automated charging and discharging facilities in various current and voltage ranges (time domain).
  •     Impedance spectroscopy workstations (frequency domain)
  •     Various climate chambers
  •     Measurement and safety technology

The laboratory infrastructure allows the model-based determination of all relevant electrochemical parameters of new and aged Li-ion and lead-acid batteries.

These facilities are complemented by various battery emulators that enable reproducible and safe hardware-in-the-loop tests of different electrical systems:


  •     Battery emulator with roller test bench for e-vehicle battery packs.
  •     Battery emulator for starter batteries
  •     Battery emulator for PV battery systems
  •     Battery emulator for testing and verification of algorithms on passive and active battery management systems (emulation of each individual battery cell)