Device and System Technology

Within the scope of research projects, the various installations and devices in energy systems are considered: e.g. Photovoltaic and wind turbines, hybrid systems with storage, converters, electric machines, electric vehicles, etc. A characteristic common feature of all devices and installations is that their function is not considered isolated from the energy system. Interactions of the devices with each other and with the system are always taken into account in order to add value to the energy system as a whole.

Our Research Question

How can the technical specifications of the energy system on devices and systems be implemented and verified efficiently and economically?

Our Strengths

Outstanding and powerful laboratory infrastructure

Know-how for the development, operation and testing of devices in a system context

Power Hardware In the Loop (PHIL) test infrastructure

Control systems for wind turbines

Parallel operation of distributed converters in the grid 


Concepts for implementing devices and systems in the energy system

Modeling and simulation of power electronics, machines, batteries, PV and wind power plants

Investigation of the system behavior

Realization from the test carrier to the prototype

Development of hardware (power converters, machines, measuring technology), software, operational control and test procedures

Metrological characterization in real operation environment and in the laboratory

Tests of the grid connection characteristics of power generation units and combined heat and power plants (CHP)

Efficiency measurements

Reliability analysis

EMC measurements