Research fields and Central Research Questions

We examine economic and technical problems in an interconnected manner. Thus we are able to actively and competently support our industrial and political clients and partners. The basis for this is provided by our business areas and areas of expertise.

Energy Informatics

How can energy economics be supported to allow the energy system to run smoothly when a large amount of power is generated decentrally?


Energy Meteorology and Renewable Resources

What potential do renewables have and how can their spatial and chronological behaviour be modeled and forecasted?


Energy Economics and System Design

Energy Economics and System design
How do we move on from the technology for the energy transition to market integration and an economic system design?


Energy Process

Which technology enables the efficient and economic coupling between thermal, electrical and biochemical conversion stages?

Electrical Grids

How can we further develop electrical energy power supply systems to enable the integration of the greatest possible share of renewable energy?

Grid Stability and Power Converter Technology

How can power converters and drives, electrical grids and their operating equipment be further developed and controlled so that power systems function stably, efficiently and safely?



Thermal Energy Technology

On which path and with which technologies do we shape the innovative implementation of the heat transition in buildings and cities?