Grid Studies

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Strategic grid development

  • Strategic and operational grid planning
  • Integrating grid levels and operators 
  • Cost minimization (investments, operation)
  • detailed scenarios
  • probabilistic methods

Cross-sector grid planning

  • Cost savings through joint planning of supply structures 
  • Customer-specific development of multi-sector concepts 
  • Simulation of cross-sector networks.

Electromobility charging infrastructure

  • Detailed scenarios including user behaviour
  • Grid analysis and planning also considering existing asset structures
  • Optimized design of charging infrastructures

Management of reactive & active power

  • control concepts
  • Analyses of control concepts
  • Coordination between grid operators / grid levels (cascade)
  • Transfer to pilot systems and extension of the control systems

Grid stability and grid connection

  • Integration of decentralised generation and renewable energies (EE)
  • stability analyses
  • Conformity to standards and policy compliance
  • Laboratory infrastructure for testing
  • Customized model development

Island- and Microgrids

  • Economical and technical system design
  • System simulation and testing in the laboratory
  • Monitoring
  • More than 20 years of experience in converter-based grids

Grid restoration

  • Automated grid analysis
  • Increased reliability of grid restoration concepts
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Black start capability of RE
  • Extensive model library
  • Recommendations

Grid losses

  • Determination of energy flows between network levels for each quarter of an hour, taking into account most types of losses
  • Flexible and universal processing of data formats