Tests and Measurements

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Products and Services

Real laboratories and field tests

  • Support during planning and preparation
  • Metrological / analytical Monitoring
  • Digital Twin
  • Management demonstrators

Tests of network operations management

  • Verification of controller and control system functionalities
  • Reliable, reproducible tests
  • Evaluation of functionalities
  • Real-time co-simulations

System tests in the automation of distribution grids

  • Function tests and performance
  • microgrid solutions
  • Model development and validation

HIL studies

  • Reproducible, field-testlike tests of generating plants, grids and loads
  • Worst case test scenarios 
  • Risk elimination and test cost reduction

Grid connection of plants

Measurement and testing of plants can be found in the business unit »Measurement and testing services«

Power quality analysis

Measurement and testing of power quality can be found in the business unit: »Measurement and testing services«

System tests

Measurement and testing of networks and systems can be found in the business unit: »Measurement and testing services«