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Pilot systems for Grid operations management

  • Insights into the optimized operation of own grids
  • Connections with existing control system environments
  • Tests of adapted algorithms
  • Easy integration via standardized interfaces (CIM, 61850, 104)

Automated grid planning

  • Tools for automated grid planning (pandapower)
  • Seamless integration into existing planning environment possible
  • Efficient grid planning approach leading to robust results and high quality
  • Detailed scenarios and probabilistic assessment

Co-Simulation »OpSim as a Service«

  • Test and simulation environment for smart grid controller concepts to operational (control) systems
  • Standard interfaces (IEC 61850, 104, CIM, VHPready)
  • Web-interface for geographically distributed co-simulations
  • Can be combined with HIL simulations


Algorithms for grid optimization

  • Simulation and techno/economic evaluation of redispatch actions
  • Integration of RE scenarios and sensitivity assessment
  • Determination of flexibility under constraints
  • topology analyses
  • Algotithms for system services

Modules for grid calculation

  • Creation of GIS-based highly automated grid models
  • Load flow solver
  • Modules for integration in other software solutions

Plant and grid models

  • RE plants, conventional plants, HVDC, storage systems, dynamic loads, transmission and distribution networks
  • Standards and norms conformity
  • Suitable for static, RMS, EMT, real-time simulations
  • Many years of experience

GIS- and weather data-based energy scenarios

  • Potential analyses
  • Detailed future scenarios and transformation paths
  • Meteorological database for time series

Energy meteorology information systems

Integration of forecasting modules into operational management solutions