Decentralized Flexibility Options

The increasing decentralized and renewable energy supply is leading to a growing need for new flexibility options. As a result, players such as energy suppliers and aggregators are faced with the challenge of making millions of new energy systems scalable, secure, and reliable
accessible via modern communication technologies. This requires innovative plug & play-capable approaches based on the latest IT technologies, which also guarantee the requirements of resilient data transmission.

As an interdisciplinary team, we offer our support in connecting and using the various flexibility options. Our services range from technical and conceptual consulting to prototype applications as well as our operational software EnergyConnect, the modern virtual power plant.



Our areas of expertise

  • Secure and reliable system communication, including through the use of intelligent metering systems (iMSys) and the associated smart meter gateway (SMGW) as required by the German Digitalization Restart Act (GNDEW).
  • Measures to increase resilience, including the detection of incidents, in order to meet the increased security requirements in accordance with European (NIS 2), national (BSIG, IT-SiG 3.0) and industry-specific (B3S) regulations.
  • Virtual power plant technologies to demonstrate the provision of system services (including control reserve, redispatch) with renewable generators and flexible storage or load facilities. In this context, we are actively working on the further development of IT and pre-qualification requirements in the control reserve for an increasingly small-scale, decentralized energy market.
  • As an innovator, we combine our expertise in information and communication technologies with the concept of the energy data spaces for interoperable and standardized cross-company data exchange within the energy sector.
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Current Projects

Cooperate with Fraunhofer IEE and benefit from the latest findings in research and development. You can build on this or have your own exciting project ideas? Feel free to contact us



AI-based detection and resilient prevention of cyber attacks and technical faults in virtual power plants and decentralized energy resources



iMSys Large-scale plants

Control of large-scale plants such as wind farms via iMSys and CLS devices for control reserve and redispatch applications




Bidirectional e-trucks

Intelligent use of the flexibilities of bidirectional charging of e-trucks at logistics depots for spot market and ancillary services




Scalable IKT

Evaluation of the scalability of modern ICT using the iMSys infrastructure and the concept of energy data spaces




Linking innovative data space technology with the smart meter gateway to reduce balancing group imbalances and control decentralized energy resources



Sector Coupling

Cross-sector use optimization of hybrid power plants from wind farms, electrolysers and heat pumps


Optinetz bosbüll


E-vehicle control reserve

Scientific monitoring of a field test with 155 electric vehicles for the provision of control reserves


EV Fleet

Flexible markets

Connection of a virtual power plant to a regional flexibility market to reduce grid bottlenecks



Network restoration

Use of renewable energy resoures for system-serving behavior in critical grid situations and for grid restoration (black start capability)


Renewable grid services in Europe

Supply strategies and ICT requirements for the provision of balancing power with wind and PV parks in Europe



Control vis SMGW

Analysis of the technical feasability of remote controllability with a smart meter gateway

enavi white paper

Reactive power

Provision of reactive power from a pool of wind and PV systems, taking grid operator requirements into account



DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001 certification

The secure and efficient handling of critical data and secure information systems is of great importance here at Fraunhofer IEE. Therefore, we have had an information security management system (ISMS) certified for various business areas. The focus here is on efficient risk management and the continuous improvement of information security in order to be prepared, for example, for possible cyber-attacks and IT emergencies. The functionality of our ISMS is regularly reviewed in external audits by independent third parties.