EQ-City - Planning of heat supply for quarters and cities

Model-based planning of heat supply

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Use EQ-City for the transparent preparation of investment decisions of energy supply concepts in quarters and cities. The intelligent use of currently available information and the application of time-resolved heat load profiles provides a reliable and detailed decision-making basis.

The planning of heat supply solutions with EQ-City allows a fast and reliable concept creation for an efficient and environmentally friendly heat supply for urban quarters and small cities, even if only little information is available in the pre-planning phase. With a targeted collection of information, the energy requirements and potentials of the different building types and the combinations of technical systems can be identified quickly. 

This enables planners to reliably evaluate, select or exclude possible supply scenarios. Detailed utility value analyses are carried out to evaluate the individual supply variants. Economic, technical, ecological and regulatory criteria are included and extended by factors such as acceptance, user-friendliness, complexity or degree of innovation.

In order to take into account the different interests of the parties involved in the planning, an individual emphasis of these evaluation criteria is possible. 

A detailed and clear reporting system enables a solid evaluation of the results and can be used directly as a template for decision-makers. 
As a long-standing partner in research for model-based planning and evaluation of heat supply concepts, we provide you with reliable support.

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Our services and offers

  • Development and evaluation of heat supply concepts in the  
    preliminary planning phase
  • Determination of heat demand for new and existing quarters
  • Dimensioning and design of district heating systems as well as single technologies with storage and technologies of sector coupling
  • Balancing and evaluation of energy flows and environmental factors
  • Comprehensive profitability analysis
  • System comparison by means of detailed utility analysis
  • Advice to local and regional administrations, suppliers, network operators, planning companies and political decision-makers

Your advantages

  • Quick comparison of different heat supply concepts centralized and decentralized for cities and quarters
  • Evaluation of the system variants by means of detailed utility analysis
  • Simple and efficient pre-planning especially of district heating supply systems

Heating network and plant technology

  • Optimized routing and mapping of different generations of heating networks
  • Comprehensive plant database for centralized and decentralized supply technologies
  • Novel supply options (renewable energies, waste heat) including storage, load management and sector coupling

Determination of heat demand

  • Comprehensive building database (residential and commercial)
  • Time-resolved heat load profiles for heating and domestic hot water
  • Mapping of usage type and usage behavior

Utility analysis

  • Profitability analysis based on cost functions (e.g. application of the guideline VDI 2067)
  • Consideration of technical, regulatory energy industry requirements
  • Customized and weighted evaluation of different heat supply systems