Ocean Energy

Commercial utilisation of ocean energy technologies requires detailed knowledge of available and economically usable resources, development of reliable and competitive technologies, and the implementation of market launch strategies and instruments.

For the characterisation of wave and tidal current resources, new measurement technologies need to be developed to allow estimation of energy yields and to support development of optimised numerical simulation models. Fraunhofer IEE supports the development of advanced ocean energy conversion technologies at all stages from concept studies through tank test models and field test with scaled devices to full scale prototype testing and demonstration projects in the megawatt range. Extensive knowledge from long term research activities in the field of onshore hydropower and wind energy and from two decades of ocean energy research will feed into specific solutions for an optimised utilisation of new technologies.

Our services...

  • Resource assessments, market analysis and feasibility studies for ocean energy devices and floating wind turbines
  • Assessment and development of specific solutions for control engineering, operational supervision, PTO concepts, and grid integration
  • Investigation of synergies and technical solutions in multi-use offshore platforms
  • Konzipierung, Umsetzung und Auswertung von Modellversersuchen, Feldtests und Demonstrationsprojekten

Our R&D activities

  • Resource assessment of wave and tidal energy as well as offshore wind plants with support if GIS
  • Definition of procedures for measurement and characterisation of ocean energy sites and devices
  • Technology specific development of new and advanced control algorithms for optimised energy yield at reduced fatigue loads
  • Entwicklung von Systemtechnik für die Energiewandlung in Strömungsturbinen und Wellenergieanlagen (Power take-off – PTO)

  • Plant concepts for combined utilisation of tidal currents, waves, and offshore wind together with non-energetic usage (tourism, sea farming, etc.)
  • Grid connection and grid compatibility of ocean energy devices and arrays
  • Deep water resource analysis for floating wind turbines