Start-up of new online Wind Energy Systems Masters programme

/ 3.12.2015

The University of Kassel and the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES) have started a joint international Masters study programme "Online M.Sc. Wind Energy Systems". The course content is offered entirely online and in English.

Depending on a student's individual planning, the programme takes between five and seven semesters to complete; it concludes with a Master of Science degree. A fee is charged for the programme. It is intended for persons who are employed and "for international students who are seeking a qualification at the university level in this future-oriented area of energy technology," as explained by the programme director, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Detlef Kuhl, head of the Department of Structural Mechanics and Dynamics at the University of Kassel. Dr.-Ing Kurt Rohrig, the IWES project director, emphasises: "Graduates will encounter an employment market in which specialists for the growing business in onshore and offshore wind energy production are urgently being sought." Five students from the countries Germany, Turkey and Switzerland have enrolled for the beginning of the programme. The organisers anticipate that in future 10 to 15 students will join the programme per year.

The University and the Fraunhofer IWES have been at work for four years to design the new course of study. The University has provided basic knowledge and Fraunhofer IWES has contributed applied research expertise in the field. In addition, various partners from industry are participating in the endeavour. As a first result of these cooperative activities, the students in this first semester can register for three different modules: Electrical Engineering, Design of Mechanical and Electrical Components“ and Mathematics. Instruction in these modules is provided by teaching staff of the University of Kassel, the Fraunhofer IWES and the company SMA Solar Technology.

The next starting date for participants in the programme is October 2016.

For more information about the program, please use the University Homapage-Link below, where you will find information on the structure and content of the course of studies.