Hardware-in-the-loop systems and digital twins

Getting high-quality products fast

Hardware-in-the-loop systems are highly versatile. Their purpose is to shorten development times and minimize the risk during development.

Do you have a prototype and would like to test it in an environment as close to reality as possible to ensure the quality of your later series? Would you like to integrate new functions into your device and test it in as many use cases as possible? Do you want to test a control system realistically in parallel to your other development activities in order to save development time?

Before we used HIL systems for our developments, time was always a critical factor. With HIL, it still is, as we can implement many more ideas at the same time. If any of these questions apply to you, HIL applications may be the right choice for you.

We have several HIL systems for different applications in our portfolio. Currently, DC and AC applications up to 400 kW or 400 kVA and a maximum of 1500V are possible. An extension of our systems is planned. Our tests are covering power electronic systems and test benches for electrical machines.

We design these models for tests and automated test sequences for our developments as well as for our partners from industry and research.

At present, we are also developing power amplifiers for HIL tests in order to further increase the dynamics of the tests and to enable testing in the high-frequency range (> 5kHz). Besides clocked power amplifiers we will soon have a hybrid amplifier available (clocked and analog).

We would be delighted to save you development time, implement ideas with you and help you expand your product portfolio. Do not hesitate to contact us.



Performant real-time systems

  • Customized application of real-time systems
  • Toolchain for real-time model integrations
  • Performant data storage

Power amplifier systems

Digital twins of decentralized systems

  • Realistic system models of solar, wind, hydrogen, e-mobility systems
  • Real-time network models of real and benchmark systems
  • Integration of digital twins in HiL environment

Modern testing systems

  • Consulting of HIL laboratory infrastructure
  • Extension of reproducible field test like laboratory application
  • Introduction of worst-case test scenarios
  • Automation, risk minimization and test cost reduction

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