Measuring and testing services

We offer

  • A powerful laboratory infrastructure
  • Photovoltaic test laboratory with open area test benches and BIPV test facilities
  • Test environment for hybrid systems and microgrids
  • EMC laboratory
  • On-site measurements

We are your reliable partner for questions regarding

  • Metrological verification of the properties of decentralised generation plants and their components
  • Grid characteristics of inverters and CHP units
  • Performance of photovoltaic and hybrid systems
  • Calibration of radiation sensors (ISET sensor) and IV curve meters for PV modules (ISET-mpp meter)
  • Consulting on setting up laboratory environments

We support you in

  • Measurement of the grid characteristics of power converters and internal combustion engines (CHPs) according to various grid connection guidelines
  • Laboratory measurements during development on power converters (e.g. efficiency, electromagnetic compatibility, power quality, performance, ageing etc.)
  • Customer-specific measurements on rotating machines
  • Measurement of system technology devices and characterization of power electronics components
  • Specification and setup of test environments

Products & Services


Laboratory testing

  • Component tests (converters, internal combustion engines, smart grid operating equipment, drive engines)
  • Grid connection tests, EMC tests
  • System tests (hybrid systems, PV (storage) systems)
  • Hardware-in-the-loop tests
    (power HIL, controller HIL)
  • Calorimetric measurements,
    semiconductor switching cell

On-site measurements

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Power quality measurements, synchronized distributed long-term measurements
  • Performance analyses for
    generation plants
  • Site-specific evaluation of PV systems
    and components
  • Performance of generation plants in the event of grid faults (FRT)

Laboratory consulting

  • Specification of laboratory infrastructure,
    in particular for smart grid applications
  • Specification and design of HVRT and LVRT testing equipment
  • Development of recommendations
    for grid connection guidelines / grid codes
  • Development of test methods
    and test procedures

System analyses and simulation

  • Performance analyses and optimizations
  • System evaluation and optimization
  • Demonstrators / proof-of-concepts for components and systems
  • Grid emulations, simulations and
    model development
  • Models for power generating units
    in accordance with the FGW Technical
    Guideline Part 4

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