Measuring and testing services

We offer

  • A powerful laboratory infrastructure
  • Photovoltaic test laboratory with open area test benches and BIPV test facilities
  • Test environment for hybrid systems and microgrids
  • EMC laboratory
  • On-site measurements

We are your reliable partner for questions regarding

  • Metrological verification of the properties of decentralised generation plants and their components
  • Grid characteristics of inverters and CHP units
  • Performance of photovoltaic and hybrid systems
  • Calibration of radiation sensors (ISET sensor) and IV curve meters for PV modules (ISET-mpp meter)
  • Consulting on setting up laboratory environments

We support you in

  • Measurement of the grid characteristics of power converters and internal combustion engines (CHPs) according to various grid connection guidelines
  • Laboratory measurements during development on power converters (e.g. efficiency, electromagnetic compatibility, power quality, performance, ageing etc.)
  • Customer-specific measurements on rotating machines
  • Measurement of system technology devices and characterization of power electronics components
  • Specification and setup of test environments

Products & Services


Laboratory testing

  • Component tests (converters, internal combustion engines, smart grid operating equipment, drive engines)
  • Grid connection tests, EMC tests
  • System tests (hybrid systems, PV (storage) systems)
  • Hardware-in-the-loop tests
    (power HIL, controller HIL)
  • Calorimetric measurements,
    semiconductor switching cell

On-site measurements

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Power quality measurements, synchronized distributed long-term measurements
  • Performance analyses for
    generation plants
  • Site-specific evaluation of PV systems
    and components
  • Performance of generation plants in the event of grid faults (FRT)

Laboratory consulting

  • Specification of laboratory infrastructure,
    in particular for smart grid applications
  • Specification and design of HVRT and LVRT testing equipment
  • Development of recommendations
    for grid connection guidelines / grid codes
  • Development of test methods
    and test procedures

System analyses and simulation

  • Performance analyses and optimizations
  • System evaluation and optimization
  • Demonstrators / proof-of-concepts for components and systems
  • Grid emulations, simulations and
    model development
  • Models for power generating units
    in accordance with the FGW Technical
    Guideline Part 4

Training and Knowledge Transfer

You are looking for current knowledge and know-how from research for practice? We share our knowledge. In practice-oriented events, you and your employees can gain insights into the current state of research and engage directly with our experts. In addition to the existing range of events, we are also happy to offer you demand- and customer-oriented events for your national or international target group.

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