We offer...

  • Hydrogen production and methanation
  • Highly dynamic, scalable and cost-effective Power-to-Gas system with our own reactor concept for catalytic methanation
  • Development and implementation from a technical scale to the operating scale up to MW range
  • Economic evaluation and concept development for new plants
  • Simulation and modeling

The goal is...

...the technical and economic optimization of Power-to-Gas plants and of the plant operation to support the future integration of Power-to-Gas into existing and future energy supply structures to balance supply or consumption related fluctuations and to provide renewable gases.

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Demonstration plants

  • Catalytic methanation processes (with and without electrolyzer)
  • Design and layout of plants with an innovative reactor concept
  • System integration on site, evaluation of the CO2 source (e.g. the biogas plant)
  • Construction, delivery, and commissioning of plants
  • Technical management of the plants (technical support and software for operation and control)
  • Monitoring of the plants

Technology development and testing in the biogas context

  • Testing of methanisation technology in the biogas context
  • Provision of the required infrastructure with a 5o kW electrolyzer and connection to a biogas plant
  • Construction and operation of pilot plants
  • Scientific support and evaluation


  • Analysis of sites, technology, and plant
  • Technological evaluation
  • Cost finding, analysis, and evaluation of cost structure
  • Comparison of technology and benchmarking

Feasibility studies and site assessment

  • Extension of biogas plants and biogas upgrading plants with Power-to-Gas plants
  • Preliminary studies of sites as well as detailed site evaluation
  • Concept development
  • Clarification of the technical integration on site
  • Technical feasibility studies