Photovoltaic Systems

We offer...

  • Assessment of PV system concepts and individual components in PV systems
  • Metrological characterization of system and device properties
  • Acquisition of real operating conditions

The objective is technical and economic optimization in the context of product development, avoidance of errors and increase in reliability.

This application area

  • Photovoltaic systems
  • PV hybrid systems
  • PV storage systems
  • Building-integrated photovoltai

Site specific assessment

 of PV systems and components

For this service, we use the ISET sensor (insolation sensor) and ISET mpp-meter (IV curve measuring device for PV modules) developed by us.


Test of PV storage

according to the efficiency guideline for PV storage systems (BVES/BSW)

  • Innovative method for determining system performance
  • Comparability of different systems based on a few intelligible parameters
  • Identification of potential for improvement