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Grid Planning and Operation

Already more than one million distributed generators are connected to the distribution grid in Germany.

In addition, more and more loads and storage systems are also integrated into grid operation.

The multi-sector approach (electricity, heat / cold, gas, mobility) has to be consistently implemented in order to achieve minimum costs for the entire energy supply when investing in the grid infrastructure and operating it.

We are an experienced partner and service provider in all topics of grid planning and grid operation.

Products & Services


Grid Studies

  • Grid Planning & Asset Management
    - Strategic network development
    - Multi-sector grid planning
    - Charging infrastructure for e-mobility
    - Island- and microgrids
  • Ancillary Services
    - Reactive and active power management
    - Power system restoration
  • Power System Stability and 
  • Grid Losses

Tools and Models

  • Automated grid planning with PandaPower Pro
  • Pilot systems for system operation
  • Co-simulation "OpSim as a Service"
  • Grid calculation modules
  • Plant and grid models
  • Algorithms for grid optimization

Tests and measurements

  • Real laboratories, net laboratories and field tests
  • Tests of system operation modules
  • Tests of distributed automation systems
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop tests
  • Testing and measuring services (laboratory / field)
    - Interconnection requirements
    - Power quality
    - system tests in low / medium
    voltage laboratory


  • Policy consulting
  • Strategic consulting for companies
  • Grid code design
  • Smart grid laboratory development
  • Training and knowledge transfer

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