Decentralized energy management

We are your reliable partner for the following questions:

  • Digitization of decentralized energy systems and consumers
  • Decentralized energy management in buildings and districts
  • Development and design of energy communities, transactive energy platforms and ICT solutions for prosumers
  • Electric mobility, charging strategies and business models

We offer:

  • Business and strategy consulting
  • Open source platforms for energy management
  • New energy management applications and charge controllers for electric mobility
  • Innovative tools for optimizing power-heat storage systems and charging infrastructure
  • Reliable demonstrators for energy communities
  • Value added services for smart meters

Products & Services

User-oriented energy platforms

  • Monitoring and visualization of energy in buildings, districts and communities
  • Smart meter rollout and grid control box
  • Open source platform for energy management
  • Tools for energy data evaluation
  • Conception, specification and demonstrators of energy management systems

Social Energy

  • Real-time monitoring and optimization of your own energy consumption
  • Personalized feedback on consumption patterns
  • Transactive energy platform for enhanced communication with other consumers and energy service providers
  • Development and evaluation of energy management applications in buildings
  • Tariff and incentive systems for efficient energy consumption

Electric mobility and business models

  • Optimized integration of electro mobility in different types of properties
  • Development of new charging and energy management algorithms, load and mobility forecasts
  • Integration in building control systems and other software systems
  • Business models for energy service providers, mobility providers and energy suppliers
  • Testing of charge controllers and energy management applications

Energy consulting and digitalization

  • Investment decisions in self-consumption systems and sector coupling
  • Monitoring solutions and tools for data-based energy consulting:
    - Non-intrusive load monitoring
    - refurbishment measures
  • Tools for the optimal design of:
    - decentralized power-heat-storage systems and
    - charging infrastructures for households, commercial buildings and industrial buildings

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Decentralized energy management

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