Virtual Power Plant IEE.vpp

The Virtual Power Plant IEE.vpp is a modular real-time system, which allows us to monitor, control, aggregate, and optimize renewable energy systems according to various strategies.

The system is based upon the long experience of The Fraunhofer in the fields of renewable energy and virtual power plants. The IEE.vpp has been used in numerous research projects to solve current issues in the energy industry and has been successfully implemented in the following: Kombikraftwerk, RegModHarz, Kombikraftwerk2, power control of wind turbines, Regio:VK, power control of wind and photovoltaic farms, et al.

In addition, the IEE.vpp is currently being used by various companies in the energy industry to operate virtual power plants based upon the most modern information and technology and is perfectly suited for integrating a large number of decentralized plants.

The modern architecture of the system makes the implementation of the customer’s specific requirements a priority.  The modularity and flexibility of the IEE.vpp has performed outstandingly and has met the full expectations of our customers.

A highlight of the functions of the IEE.vpp

Real-time connectivity and data logging of multiple decentralized energy resource
Control of the facilities
(Setpoints, schedules / e.g. fulfillment of §26 EEG 2014)
Processing of time series
(visualization, aggregation, interpolation, exportation, Historie)
Forecast Integration
(price, fluctuating energy generation, load forecasting, etc.)
Multi-portfolio management with various energy management strategies
(Day-Ahead Spot Market Optimization, power control, etc.)
Customer-specific energy management solutions 
(Based on MILP - Mixed Integer Linear Programming – Solution strategies)
Ergonomic user interface for portfolio managers and plant operators
Database-based client-server application (installed on site upon request)
Open interface for the automation and integration of existing software systems
Actual extrapolated values / substitute values are not communicative with wind turbines

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