Energy Economics and System Design

For designing and shaping future energy supply structures, we develop, model and simulate cross-sectoral expansion scenarios. In addition to the reaction on the energy market and market design, the spatio-temporal behavior of production and load play a central role, with particular consideration for new technologies. Based on this, the energy analysis and evaluation, the derivation of recommendations for action and the development of business models are carried out.

Research question

How do we move from the technology for the energy transition to the market integration and the economic system design?

Our strengths

Market leader of the overall systemic analysis of sector coupling and interaction


E-Energy lighthouse projects: RegModHarz and MoMa

Feasibility of energy supply with high share of renewable energy

Project »Regenerative Combined Cycle Power«

Detection system services with renewable energy

Studies and Reports

Business model »Energiewende«

Roadmap storage

Interaction electricity-heat traffic

Wind energy report Germany (»Windenergiereport Deutschland«)

Energy-related interpretation Offshore wind energy

Energy system model »SCOPE«